$89.00* Air Conditioner Maintenance/Tune-Up & Safety Inspection

A clean HVAC blower fan wheel increases the efficiency of the system reducing the cost of operation.

Check the benefits of our exclusive air conditioning maintenance plan!

  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Fewer repairs
  • Improved capacity
  • Improved safety
To help you get through this season, we’re offering the following Safety Inspection & Tune-Up Special. It’s quite a deal. We perform an 18 Point Inspection and Tune Up your system to Factory Fresh condition. For the money, you can’t beat the value! Why wait until it breaks down, it will only cost more, and take longer. Keeps your system running at a higher efficiency. It will go much easier on your utility bills, and you will have one less thing to worry about.

For a more complete annual plan with additional benefits see our

AC Tune-Up Checklist

  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Check expansion valve
  • Inspect and clean evaporator drain
  • Clean or change filters
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Cycle unit from thermostat
  • Check circuit breakers and fuses
  • Check temperature drop
  • Check and oil condenser fan motor
  • Check fan blade for tightness
  • Check start and run capacitors
  • Check start and run relays
  • Check temperature across condenser coils
  • Check wiring assembly
  • Check head pressure
  • Check Freon lines
  • Check blower
  • Clean condenser cabinet

AC Tune-Up Cost

$89.00 for the first system, $65.00 for the second and $45.00 additional systems.  *Per Heating or Cooling System  The standard tune up price is $127.00. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Offer valid to residential customers only. Expires in 30 Days


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