One Call services, maintains all types of light commercial HVAC including: Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, York and American Standard just to name a few. One Call has experience installing light commercial and larger units in: shopping centers, schools, churches, office buildings, medical offices, data centers and light industrial and institutional facilities. Two of the owners of One Call each have over 30 years experience, much of it in commercial air conditioning. From repairs and maintenance, to installation of the largest commercial HVAC systems, One Call has the experience to handle it.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Whenever air conditioning fails – productivity drops off with it.  Any “savings” on maintenance at that point quickly “goes down the drain” and it usually happens on the warmest days when HVAC contractors are busiest. In the meantime the longer maintenance is deferred the higher energy usage becomes because it takes more energy to maintain the same temperatures.  The final blow is that deferred maintenance means early repairs and then replacement. Regular maintenance is the key to making sure there aren’t the problems this summer.  One Call’s HPMP (HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program) will more than pay for itself by keeping your energy usage as low as possible and reduce repairs and delay replacements. One Call develops custom maintenance and inspection plans for each client to meet each your needs. We service most commercial operations including: shopping centers, schools, churches, office buildings, medical offices, data centers, light industrial and institutional facilities.  One Call will inspect your HVAC system and tune it up to insure its success this summer. Commercial HVAC customers that maintain our HPMP’s have the peace of mind knowing they have “head of the line privileges” to our emergency repair services.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

With One Calls HPMP you will have fewer repairs but when you do need repairs we know you want them done – well – really before you called!  And that’s possible with One Call.  Often there are signs that repairs are needed or parts are about to fail.  Those can and should be repaired at that time.  Often emergency repairs come at the hottest times of the year when demand on commercial HVAC contractors is the highest.  We offer “head of the line privileges” to our customers that have our HPMP and guarantee we will have someone onsite for you.   Our trucks are late model that have the latest equipment and are stocked for the most common repairs.  We have parts support around the Atlanta area to deliver any available part while the technician is onsite.  The parts will be delivered to the site as soon as the repairs are authorized.  Our technicians have years of experience to repair all types of commercial HVAC equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

One of the advantages of having regular HPMP’s is that we will be able to give you a good idea when your commercial HVAC system is reaching the end of its life and schedule replacement at the most opportune times.   Nobody wants their facilities HVAC system shut down for days and nobody wants to get caught with a total failure of their commercial HVAC system when it needs an emergency replacement.  One Call loves weekend installations!  Somebody has to!  Ok – for you it may be needs to be weekdays!  It’s the same – it can’t be down long.
One Call’s commercial construction division regularly handles HVAC installation for: shopping centers, schools, churches and light industrial projects. About 80% of our installations are commercial HVAC installation.  Chillers – we’ve done them many times, cooling towers – yea, boilers – of course, zoning systems and energy management – sure!   Please take a few minutes to review our portfolio of completed projects and they will give you a quick idea of our level of experience.  From design to installation One Call is your one call for all your HVAC needs.


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