Furnace Maintenance

Preventive maintenance for your furnace will reduce the operating costs and extend its life.   One Call provides maintenance tune-ups on gas, fuel and boiler furnaces.

Call or schedule service online.  When you call for service, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be friendly and professional.  The CSR will ask you a series of questions to establish the proper service and then technician is assigned. Then a date and time frame will be established when the technician will be there.  The CSR is required to ask how you intend to pay.  Credit cards are recorded to have on file before the appointment is actually assigned.  Checks are accepted.

The technician will call the agreed upon phone number 15 to 30 minutes before arrival.  All technicians will arrive in trucks marked with the One Call logo, be in uniform and carry identification. The technician will be friendly and professional and use appropriate measures to assure the best cleanliness (such as shoe covers and protection mats) of the home is maintained.  The technician will perform a 18 point service checklist.  Often the technicians can see potential furnace repairs before they become an emergency repair.  The technician is expected to inform you of potential problems and list them on the service invoice.  If you have the repairs done during the maintenance enrollment you will receive a discount on the repair and save the headache when it would fail.

If the technician notices that the HVAC system is aging; they are expected to note it on the service invoice and mention it to you.  You may not have a new HVAC installation done immediately but is looks better than not mentioning it and you questioning our competence when it does fail.  We don’t want to be the “little boy that cried wolf” because we would lose credibility also.


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