Furnace Replacement

If you’re on this page then you’re considering replacing your furnace or heat pump.  While the facts and logic are the same for replacing your HVAC system, and we will get to that, the main reason, most likely, why you’re here is why should you use One Call Heating and Cooling?  First, we are a small HVAC contractor located in the southern rural area of the Atlanta metropolitan area and it is likely that it will be the owner Mike or his wife Robin that will pick up the phone when you call.  Second, we will invest the time to make sure you have the proper system installed and that the associated things such as insulation humidifiers and filters meet your needs. Third, that system and the associated items will be reasonably priced so that when you get quotes from other HVAC contractors you will know the value offered by One Call. Fourth, we have senior technicians with over 20 years of experience that will make sure it is done right. They will respect your home by using protectors such as pads and booties. Fifth, the work will be done in one day to limit the interruption. Financing is available.

Why Replace the Furnace Now?

If you’re starting to incur larger HVAC repair bills it may be a wise time to consider investing in a new system rather than another repair. If your furnace was installed before 2006 the technology has improved so much that over the life of the new system it will likely save you the cost of replacement. High efficiency furnaces are as much as 97% efficient and combined with proper insulation of your home will likely cut your energy bills as much as 40%. You can pay relatively little now, or pay a lot more in energy bills later.

What Type of Furnace Should I Use?

Old furnaces only came in a single stage which meant it put out 100% of its capacity.  It heated the same whether it was a moderately cold or very cold.  The only difference is how long it ran and how often.  Today’s more efficient furnaces come in single and two stage variable speed systems.  The two stage variable speed systems adjust to meet the needs at the moment in the most efficient way possible.  Heat pumps are also an option you should consider, especially if natural gas isn’t available on your property.


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