6 Ways An HVAC Company Can Improve Your Home Energy Consumption

Here Are The 6 Ways an HVAC Company Can Improve Your Home Energy Consumption

In our increasingly energy-efficient world, making every step possible to lessen our carbon footprint on the planet is essential. One way that homeowners can do this is by ensuring that their HVAC system is energy efficient. Utilizing a professional company can help you do this in multiple ways. Let’s learn more!

1. Energy Efficient Systems

According to Comfyliving.net, the number of HVAC units sold in 2024 is projected to be more than 151 million. However, only a portion of these are eco-friendly systems. When working with a company offering heating and air services, ask them for recommendations to upgrade to a system specially designed to be energy efficient.

2. Evaluate System Efficiency

A professional HVAC contractor with experience can give your system a thorough evaluation. This process can tell owners how energy efficient their system is. After the assessment, the professional will take the time to review steps that owners can take to make their system as energy efficient as possible.

3. Regular Maintenance

Companies that perform heating and air services can perform routine maintenance on the entire system. This includes cleaning the air filter, checking various components, and ensuring everything works well. When your HVAC system is in optimal condition, it ensures that it uses less energy because systems that need repairs or have dirty filters require more energy to achieve the same results.

4. Ductwork Repairs

Many homes lose a significant amount of cold or warm air through the ducts before it makes its way throughout the house. This is often due to small leaks in the ducts. A professional can evaluate the ductwork and make the necessary repairs, lessening the load on your HVAC system and decreasing energy consumption.

5. Air Balancing

It’s common for homeowners to experience temperature shifts throughout their homes, but this results in wasted energy. Homeowners have to deal with cold rooms for other rooms to be comfortable. Professional HVAC technicians can evaluate the situation and make recommendations to ensure the entire home is at a comfortable temperature, reducing both your bill and energy waste.

6. Temperature Zones

It’s becoming increasingly popular for large homes to have temperature zones. These zones ensure the optimal temperature in the rooms frequently used, allowing homeowners to only pay to heat or cool the areas they use instead of the entire house. A specialist can help run new ductwork, install new equipment, and advise homeowners who want to save money and energy with these zones.

Working with a professional specializing in heating and air services is a great way to learn how to be more environmentally friendly. Contact One Call Heating & Cooling for more information today.