When To Seek Professional Heating And Air Services

When To Seek Professional Heating And Air Services With One Call Heating & Cooling

Can you imagine dealing with a sweltering hot house in the middle of summer or freezing cold in the middle of winter? Thanks to a functioning HVAC system, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. However, like any other part of your home, sometimes your HVAC unit will begin to have problems. Before things get out of hand, here are some signs it’s time to seek professional heating and air services.

Old Age

Yes, there is a lifespan for any AC unit or heating system. According to Housecall Pro, almost 80% of surveyed American homeowners have an HVAC system older than 20 years old. If you haven’t had to replace your unit since you moved into your house, check how old it is. With regular services, a technician can see if your unit is outdated and make the necessary recommendations for replacement.

Weird Noises

When you turn on your HVAC system, you may initially hear a click or low humming noise once it turns on. However, it shouldn’t be an overpowering sound that makes it hard to converse or listen to the TV. Do you hear banging, hissing, or squealing noises? If so, it could signal a problem with your unit’s compressor or ductwork.

Uneven Temperature

Do you notice an uneven temperature when you turn on your AC or heater? If so, you shouldn’t let that problem go unresolved. Uneven heating throughout your home may mean you don’t have a unit that properly fits your living area. You may also have a blockage or leak in your ducts that should be repaired by a technician.

Bad Smells

You should feel the warm or cool air coming from your unit, but you shouldn’t be able to smell it. If your system has a problem with mold, built-up dirt, or a gas leakage, it may present itself by way of foul odors. Let your heating and air services professionals clean it out and replace the filters.

Living in a comfortable home means having a functional HVAC unit, so you can always have a steady temperature regardless of the season. Paying attention to the symptoms above can ensure you fix or replace your unit before it breaks down. For professional heating and air services, call One Call Heating & Cooling for more information.